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What are my minimum preparation responsibilities?
Files should be provided in separate file folders and be labeled in a way that is logical to how you would store and access them normally. We will "index" the electronic documents based on the label provided on the file folder, unless some other naming scheme is agreed upon.

How many documents can fit on one CD?
Approximately 20,000 letter-size, black and white pages (1 four-drawer file cabinet) will fit on a single CD. This will let you find your document, print it, and/or e-mail it without leaving your desk. CD files provide unsurpassed accessibility, storage cost efficiency, and disaster prevention and recovery.

Can I add notes to the scanned documents?
Not directly onto the CD. By its nature it is a read-only medium. This feature keeps others from deleting or changing your originals and is required if the images are to be used for legal purposes. You can annotate or otherwise edit the documents once you copy them to your hard drive or other read/write media, by using the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Do I need special training to use a document CD?
No special training is required to view, print and e-mail the documents when using intuitive software such as "Acrobat Reader". Most computer users are able to get results in just a few minutes. Up to four hours of training is included with each initial order.

What if I want to add more documents to the CD that I had made last year?
If there is sufficient room, we can in effect add to your existing CD. Actually, your old records will be merged with your new records onto a new CD.

How fast can we get our documents converted to CD?
Turn-around time depends on the volume of documents, the level of service requested, advanced notice, and our current job queue. If getting the best cost per page is not as important as getting back ASAP, rush jobs may be accommodated.

Do I need to make a contract?
Our proposal for your job, should you choose to accept it, and your purchase order becomes our contract.

How does my company allow more than one person at a time to access our scanned documents?
CDs may be uploaded to a server; authorized personnel may then share the documents through the company's network. Individual documents can be password protected if required. Or, duplicate CDs are a simplistic & economical alternative for smaller environments.

Do I need special software?
No special software is needed. PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Click on the Acrobat Reader icon below to download the latest free version.
Get Acrobat Reader

Do I need special hardware?
A computer with a CD-ROM drive is the only thing you need. Our CD's can be read by Windows, Macintosh, and other platforms.

What if I upgrade to a DVD player instead of a CD player - - will I still be able to use my document CD?
DVD players are designed to read CD's as well. Check the manufacturer's specifications to verify that your DVD drive will read CD's before selecting an upgrade model.

What happens to my original documents after they are scanned?
After allowing you ample time to review the resulting CDs (maximum of five working days), three options are available:
  1. Usually we are asked to have the documents shred by a commercial shredding firm at our location. This option requires your written authorization and releases Papale Associates, LLC from all further responsibility and liability. The shredding firm will provide a certificate of destruction and bill you directly.
  2. Less sensitive documents may be disposed of at the local landfill for a nominal fee. Similarly, this option requires your written authorization and releases Papale Associates, LLC from all further responsibility and liability. The landfill's charges (with no additional markup) will be paid and passed on to you through our invoice.
  3. You may elect or default to have the documents returned to you at a predetermined additional cost. The documents will be in their original file folders, but will be "disassembled", because all staples and other fasteners have been removed for the scanning process.
What can I do to reduce the cost?
  1. Review all files to ensure that only necessary documents are to be processed. Your Accountant and Lawyer are the best resources to advise you on document retention requirements for your specific business.
  2. If practical, assume some or all of the "scan ready" preparation. "Scan ready" means that all staples and other paper fasteners have been removed from the files and the pages are not excessively wrinkled, torn or otherwise damaged. The pages are all oriented the same way (i.e.: all tops up) and facing the same way. If the pages are of odd or mixed size, charges may apply for extra processing.

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Advantages of Document Scanning
Fast, easy retrieval from any PC or MAC
Save on storage costs and space
Effortless distribution
Effective archival of records
Portability for home office or travel
Disaster Prevention

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