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Confidentiality Policy

Papale Associates, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentially of our customers.

While in our custody, your files are not accessible to the general public, nor to anyone that is not directly associated with completing your project. We will never divulge any information present on your documents.

Explicitly, Papale Associates, LLC agrees:
  • To hold all information that our customers communicate to us in strict confidence.
  • To not use the confidential information for our own benefit or the benefit of others.
  • To not disclose, distribute or disseminate the confidential information or documents in any way to any third party, other than upon written authorization to have the original documents destroyed by an agreed upon shredding service.

Advantages of Document Scanning
Fast, easy retrieval from any PC or MAC
Save on storage costs and space
Effortless distribution
Effective archival of records
Portability for home office or travel
Disaster Prevention

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