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Prices for our document scanning service are based on a declining scale according to total volume per image (one side of the paper) for pages 8.5 by 11 inches (letter-size) or 8.5 by 14 inches (legal-size).

In addition, the following variable factors are taken into consideration:
  • Quality and condition of original documents
    • Wrinkles, tears & curls
    • Staples & fasteners
    • Odd sized paper (tapes, receipts, etc)
    • Double sided documents
    • Irregular weight, texture & color
    • Suitable print quality
    • Orientation (face up & proper direction)
    • Interspersed exceptions to norm

  • Labeling
    • Average size of file per label
    • Clarity & location of label information
    • Number of search words per document

  • Delivery time expectations
    • Normal
    • Special considerations

  • Post-processing
    • Return
    • Dispose
    • Shred
    • Reassembly

  • Pick up & transportation issues
    • Hand-truck assessable
    • Stairs, elevator, loading dock

Try Before You Buy Policy:
To determine the fairest and most affordable price (unit cost), a representative sample of approximately 1,000 pages will be scanned at no obligation to the client. The result of this process will objectively answer most of the relevant questions about both the Input and Output before we proceed.

Upon a successful demonstration:
A written proposal, outlining all the above considerations, will be presented for your acceptance. Since the final cost will be based on the actual number of documents multiplied by the stated unit cost, the overall proposed cost would be a mutual, best-effort estimate, only. All sales are subject to 1% Connecticut Sales Tax.

Confidentiality Policy We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentially of our customers. More>

Advantages of Document Scanning
Fast, easy retrieval from any PC or MAC
Save on storage costs and space
Effortless distribution
Effective archival of records
Portability for home office or travel
Disaster Prevention

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